Synergy Managed Solutions LLC offers assistance to practices who are eligible to participate in the MIPS program from the preparation process, gathering of subjects/visits who/that meet the requirements for a favorable score, and guidance through the attestation process.

Minimal fees starting at $1500 apply if an EMR with a built-in MIPS module is currently being used in the practice. Practices that do not have a MIPS enable module bu will be responsible for the cost of a stand-alone MIPS reporting module on top of Fees charged by Synergy. Synergy Fees start at $2000 and includes gathering of eligible subjects, entry of required data to meet the highest possible score and assistance in the attestation process.

Practices who attest for the first time is very likely to get audited. An audit can occur even after passing and receiving the final score for the year attested. The audit is a laborious process and depending on the amount of subjects submitted to complete the attestation, preparation of supporting documents can take up to a week to finish. Synergy have assisted numerous practices pass the audit stage.