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Mdernizing Medicine (EMA) is an intuitive Electronic Health Record System specifically designed for specialties with complex process’. Modernizing Medicine’s EHR design, specially made to fully function on the iPad with its gorgeous state of the art graphical user interface, makes complex charting activities seem easy. 

Welcome to the EMA Support Page.

Here, you will find step by step instructions and educational videos related to EMA (Modernizing Medicine)


Registering New Patients on EMA (Modernizing Medicine)

Learn how to Register Patient Accounts on EMA (Modernizing Medicine) by following the steps below:

Step by Step Instructions for Registering New Patient Accounts on EMA. 
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  • Patient Registration = Creating a Patient Chart
  • Can only be performed on the “Desktop Version” of EMA using the Google Chrome web browser.
  1. Open up Google Chrome Web Browser
  2. Type “” on the address bar and hit the enter button to open up the LOGIN page.
  3. Login using your login credentials.

Perform a Patient Search before registering new patients to avoid creating duplicate accounts.


  • Start by typing the patient’s LAST NAME in the “Patient Search” field located at the TOP of the page, next to the practice LOGO.

  • EMA will suggest existing patient accounts matching the characters as you enter narrowing down to the exact match. (or NO match)

  • Proceed to register a patient account if the search returned NO matching results.

  • From the HOME screen, Click on the “Register New Patient” button.


  • Enter as much information available or meet the minimum required information (*) to enable saving. Click “Save”.


  • The patient chart will open automatically after clicking the “Save” button. Proceed to enter additional Patient Demographic information (follow Instructions on How to “EDIT PATIENT DATA”) and Save.

NOTE: Now that you have created a patient account on EMA, additional functions can now be performed using the iPad via the  EMA APP or the iPhone by downloading “PocketEMA” from the Apple APP Store..



  • Patient Demographic Information (Contact Information)
  • Insurance Policy Information (Insurance)


    Pharmacy Information (Pharmacy)


    Additional Information (for future training) (Practice Data, Portal Settings and Patient Representative Portal)


  • From within the patient account (CHART),  Locate and click on the “Edit Patient Data” to enter additional Information about the patient.


♥ EMA App:  The “ Edit Patient” can be found within the “More” section.
  • Enter the information in the appropriate fields and select one of the three options when finished. (The practice’ Office Manager will determine which information will be collected and saved in the patient’s EMA account).


  1. Save and Continue - saves any change on the current section and proceeds to the next section directly below it. (i.e. saving from “Contact information” section with “Save and Continue” option will save the updated information and proceed to the “Insurance” section.) Advancing to the next section indicates that the patient account has been successfully updated.
  2. Save - saves any additional information entered or updated. The screen will refresh the current section and a notification appears on the top of the screen to indicate the patient account updated successfully.
  3. Cancel - Refreshes the screen in the current section without saving any changes.
♥  EMA App: Only the “SAVE” button is available on the iPad version. Navigate to the different sections on the left side of the screen by touching the section.





  • Enter the desired information in the appropriate fields and click one of the two “Save” functions or click on “Cancel” to exit without saving.
  •  A number of fields are REQUIRED in the “Insurance” Section in order to save any modifications entered. Refer to the Image below for the required fields.


TIP:  Enter 800-555-1212 (Generic Phone Number) for the Insurance Phone #

  • Enter the required information in the appropriate fields and select one of the two saving options to proceed. (The practice’ Office Manager will determine which information will be collected and saved in the patient’s EMA account).




  • The prescriber will have the option to change to an alternate pharmacy during the E-prescribing process, when necessary. (i.e. Prescribe to a retail pharmacy and to an online pharmacy on the same visit).
  • More than one Pharmacy can be entered and saved into the patient’s account. The first pharmacy information automatically becomes the default pharmacy for the patient. Click on the “set as default” link next to the Pharmacy information to assign it as the default.



  • Click on the “Add Surescripts Pharmacy” link to open the Pharmacy Search page.


  • Search for the pharmacy by name or use any of the fields to filter results. (i.e. enter the zip code or pharmacy telephone number)


  • From the results, click on the pharmacy name under the “Store Name” column to automatically add the pharmacy to the patient’s account.


TIP: To delete a pharmacy, click on the “Remove” link next the the pharmacy to remove it from the patient’s account.


  • Click on the “NEXT”button to save the information and proceed to the next section.




  • In the PRACTICE DATA Section, Item number 3. Select YES if the patient is an “Established Patient” prior to registering an account on EMA or  NO if the patient is a NEW Patient.

TIP: The answer to this item will determine whether the NEXT VISIT created and charted on EMA will be coded as an Established patient encounter or New patient encounter.


  • (Optional) Enter the patient’s Primary Care Physician and/or the Referring Physician, if different from the PCP.


The Portal Settings and Patient Representative Portal Sections will be introduced in the future.



CONGRATULATIONS! You created an Electronic Patient Chart.


  • Every patient registered in Modernizing Medicine creates an electronic equivalent of that patient's Paper Chart. This will allow the clinicians to chart electronically eliminating the need to maintain a separate paper chart for the patient.
  • During the transition period, you are encouraged to register patients both into Practicesuite and Modernizing Medicine. The more patients are registered into Modernizing Medicine, the less paper charts will  have to be created and manually pulled in the future.

Here is a list of additional functions the staff will be trained to perform:

  • Register Patients into Practicesuite.
  • Scheduling Patients in Practicesuite.
  • Perform Real-Time Eligibility.
  • Scan Documents into Modernizing Medicine and assign documents into patient accounts.
  • Create Alerts on patient accounts.
  • ePrescribe using Modernizing Medicine.

and much more...

ePrescribing  on EMA (Modernizing Medicine)

Learn how to ePrescribe on EMA (Modernizing Medicine) using the iPad by clicking the link below

Instructions COMING SOON


Watch the Videos below to familiarize yourself with EMA (Modernizing Medicine)

Please Note: These videos were created and published using the earlier version of EMA and may look slightly different from the current version.

Understanding Exams on EMA (iPad Version)

by: Modernizing Medicine, 2014

Understanding eLab Path Log & Admin Settings

by: Modernizing Medicine 2014

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Customizing EMA on a User Level

by: Modernizing Medicine, 2014

Cosmetic EMA on the iPad

by Modernizing Medicine, 2014

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