How to Enter Insurance Information into Practicesuite.

How to enter insurance information into practicesuite.

Call up the patient account and click on the “+ Add Insurance” button.

The Add Insurance screen will appear in a pop-up window.

Type in the first few letters if the insurance company name to reveal a list of matching insurance companies.

Select the correct insurance.

For Insurance Payers with different products (i.e. United Healthcare), select the parent company and enter the “Plan” name in the next field. (i.e. Americhoice, Empire Plan, etc. are all part of the United Healthcare Parent Company)

Select the appropriate Relationship.

If the subscriber is the patient, selecting Self will automatically populate the Subscriber Information below.

If the relationship is other than self, you can click on the Same as Patient button on the Subscriber Information Section and it will carry over the patient’s address and phone number.

Once done, click Save to proceed to Tun Eligibility.

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