How to Enter New Patients into Practicesuite.

How to enter patients into practicesuite.

Enter patient by clicking on the “Patient” link on the Menu on the Left Side.
– Patients can also be entered by using the Enter Patient Button (Blue) from the dashboard but will have a the older version Graphical User Interface (GUI) to it.
The updated GUI looks like below.
Search for the patient first to make sure the patient is not already entered in the system.
Click on the “More Filters” Button next to the PC ref # to show additional ways to search for a patient.
The search will show possible matches depending on the characters entered on the search field.
If certain that there are no matches, click on the “+ New Patient” button on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
The updated GUI for the patient entry screen will look like the image below.
Enter pertinent information regarding the patient on the top section first. Save the patient to proceed to entering the patient’s insurance coverage information.
The Blue button next to the Home Phone field will let you set the patient’s communication preference for appointment reminders. NOTE: if Cell Phone is selected, you must input the patient’s Cell Phone Carrier for the automated appointment schedule reminder to function properly.
Email addresses are very important for the EHR (EMA) portion of the practice to enable the patients to access the patient portal.
Click Save when completed and continue to add Insurance.

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