Practicesuite Support page

Register New Patients or Create Patient Accounts

Step by Step instructions on how to enter New Patients or create patient accounts in Practicesuite

The following step by step instructions will show you how to perform the following tasks in Practicesuite.

  • Login into Practicesuite

  • Create a permanent password

  • Search for Patients

  • Create a New account 

  • Set Patient communication preferences for automated schedule reminders

  • Add Patient Insurance Information

  • Run Real-time Eligibility Verification.

- Open up your Google Chrome web browser and enter on the address bar and hit Enter...or click the button below 
- At the Login Screen, enter your Username and Password to Login.
If you have not logged in before and were issued a username and a temporary password (usually Welcome123), use your temporary credentials to login. You will be asked to change your password upon initial login. Password must be a minimum of 8 characters containing at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 3 numeric.

Account #: PS6987


Click on the "PATIENT" link from the menu located on the LEFT side of the screen to open up the "Patient Search" screen.


To avoid creating a duplicate account for a patient,  Search for the Patient first by using one of the filters available and hit the Enter key. If the search did not match an existing patient account, proceed to create a New Patient account.



Click on the "+ New Patient" link on the upper right corner of the screen to begin creating a new patient account.


Enter the required data into the appropriate fields and click on the "SAVE" button to proceed. You must complete and save the patient demographics section first, before you can proceed to entering the Patient's Insurance Information.


* Use the PC REF# Field and Enter the patient's Account Number from the Previous System.



  • Use ALL Uppercase Letters for easy viewing.
  • Use a “SPACE” instead of a dash for hyphenated names.
  • Patient Names must match EXACTLY as they appear on Patient’s Insurance Card or The Eligibility response may return a "False Inactive" response.


NOTE: Set the patient communication preference by clicking on the Blue button next to CELL PHONE and select how the patient would like to receive Auto reminders for their appointment with the office. PLEASE NOTE, that when CELL is selected in either the First or Second Reminder field, the specific Cell Service carrier for that number must be selected from the pull down list.

Click on the + Insurance button


Search for insurance by typing the first three letters of the Insurance Name on the Insurance Field.


Select from any suggested match. If a matching insurance is not found, please call Vanessa at (718) 406-6762 or email and request to add an Insurance to the list.



Complete the section and Click "SAVE".



  • SUBSCRIBER ID’s must not contain spaces, dashes or any special character.


  • RELATIONSHIP – If patient is a dependent, select the appropriate relationship and complete the subscriber information section below.

  • INSURANCE CARD TAB - Upload an image of the the front and back of the patient's Insurance card by selecting the image file from your computer and click upload.

Real-Time Eligibility Verification lets you run the patient's eligibility at the time of service.


Perform Eligibility Verification REGULARLY (as often as necessary) to avoid Insurance denials due to NON-COVERAGE.


Open the Patient account and locate the ELIGIBILITY link on the left side of the Demographic Section.





If the patient has more than one Insurance payers entered in the insurance profile, select the Insurance you wish to check from the drop down menu. 


Enter the date of service or enter a range by changing the date in the "TO:"  field.


Click the "CHECK NOW" button to run Eligibility.



  • Each Eligibility response is automatically saved. Previous Eligibility transactions can be reviewed and found in the ELIGIBILITY HISTORY SECTION on the left. NO NEED TO PRINT.
  • ELIGIBILITY CHECK FAILED: Eligibility response may fail due to data mismatch between the information entered in Practicesuite and information the insurance company have on file.  Double check to make sure the information entered into PracticeSuite matches the information on the patient’s Insurance ID.

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Step by Step instructions on how to create new appointments, re-schedule and cancel existing appointments in Practicesuite.

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